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Your booth

We offer a simple 2.5 X 3 meter (8 X 10 foot) kiosk

or a double booth of 5 X 3 meters (16 X 8 feet).  


What is included in the price of your booth:

1 registration for 1 person

1 draped table of 5 feet or meters

2 folding chairs

1 trash can, 1 recycling bin

bottom and side curtain

Not included in your booth :

Cleaning: $ 32 CDN per booth as needed

Electricity: Price on request

Ceiling hanging: Price on request

Handling and e ntreposage: Price on request

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Our program will be given free of charge to all FISM Quebec 2022 participants.

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This is the best way to reach all the participants


To order other accessories, electricity or other

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Safety information at the Quebec City Convention Center

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Advice for shipping to Quebec

  You are responsible for the entry of your products into Canada. Contact the Consultexpo managers who will help you get your products into Canada.

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Mike Patterson

Operations manager

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

John santini

Director of Operations  

Tips for Shipping to Quebec City 


1. Your Customs Broker ConsultExpo will guide you!

If you plan on sending exhibit material to Quebec City, we highly recommend consulting our official customs broker a minimum of 2 months prior to the event. They will assist with customs clearance and, if needed, the shipping of your materials.


***Show management will not be responsible for your customs needs, so please plan in advance! ***

2. Complete Customs Documents

Prior to shipping, please ensure to complete ConsultExpo’ s customs documentation, and review them before your goods leave your country. ConsultExpo will email you their forms or you can download them at: All shipments entering Canada must be accompanied by a completed Canada Customs Invoice and a completed Order Form. If you anticipate selling at this event, please advise ConsultExpo as duties and taxes may be applicable to your invoice. 

3. Ship on Time - Courier Shipment Tips

Have materials shipped to arrive in Québec City 3 business days prior to move-in. Consolidate shipments to reduce costs. Speak with ConsultExpo for transit times. If you are planning on sending your material via courier service (FedEx, UPS, DHL) it is important to provide ConsultExpo with your courier name, tracking number and remember to complete their customs forms. Please make sure to send your shipment with all fees prepaid.  The show Management, Quebec City Convention Centre or your hotel will not be responsible for shipments arriving with fees due upon delivery. As well, please do not ship via postal service! 

4.  Travelling by Airplane or Private Vehicle

Notify ConsultExpo if you plan on bringing your meeting material with you on an airplane or if you are driving with them to Canada. It will provide you with the required customs instructions for smooth entry into Canada.  For personalized assistance, we invite you to contact:  


Mike Patterson

Operations Manager

Tel: 514.482.8886, Ext. 4

Fax: 888.629.9008

Mobile: 514.513-5641


John Santini

Director of Operations

Tel: 514.482.8886, Ext. 1

Fax: 888.629.9008

Mobile: 514.709.0781