You may register now for FISM WCM 2022.  Prices are listed in Canadian dollars and there are no taxes or fees added to these prices.  Prices listed in US dollars or Euros are for reference purposes only; prices are bound to vary, depending on the exchange rate of the day of your purchase.


For magicians keen on participating in the competition, we suggest that you pay close attention to the rules on this site.  Please note that you will need to send a link for a video of the act you want to perform at FISM WCM 2022.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Quebec City from July 25th to 30th, 2022.

If you have any questions, please write to us at this email address: 


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Si vous êtes membre de la FISM, inscrivez votre numéro de membre lors de votre inscription.


Price list

Price list

No taxes and fees added to these prices

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Cancellation policy


It will be possible to cancel a FISM WCM registration until April 3oth, 2022. 


A refund for registration fees less 125,00$ CDN administration fees will be made to any registered participant who cancels before October 31, 2021.


Cancellation requests received between November 1st 2021and April 30th,  2022 will be subject to an administrative fees of 50%.

No refund will be made if cancellation requests are received after April 30th, 2022.


For the contest participants the contest registration fee is never refundable.